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Legend of the White Deer

According to legend, it was a white deer which led Thao tribe hunters on a chase across the peaks of Alishan to the shores of what is today known as Sun Moon Lake. The beautiful creature dove into the glistening waters and was transformed into a white Bishop Tree. The Thao people were so enamored with the mysterious white deer and the beautiful setting that they moved their village to the shores of the lake, vowing to stay for eternity.

Collaboration: WasangShow

WasangShow-Products with Indigenous Taiwanese Flare

WasangShow, is created by a dream of fashion, and many interrelationship of cross-cultural experiences. Using their feet to visit each every tribe, and using their heart to picture ancestral legends. They explain stories behind each totem, and reassembling them, tailoring ancient myths into neat designs. WasangShow is an independent brand of Taiwanese clothing inspired by the visual elements of the local indigenous peoples. These fly designs incorporate aboriginal themes and inspiration from the great outdoors into unique garments that are comfortable and impeccably cut. The name was inspired by one of the founders – Derlabers Saw – whose name sounds like “peanut” in the Truku language, or “huasheng” in Mandarin. That became “WasangShow”, which is Cantonese for “fashion show.” We hope that our original designs can enable more people to encounter the richly diverse traditions of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples. Each article of clothing represents a legend, the beliefs of a people, and our goal of changing the way the world views Taiwanese aboriginal clothing.


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